Test Bay

GT BAY.jpg

Uniconn boasts an impressive Hydrostatic Test Bay 85ft / (30mtr) with fully recycling facility to ensure Environmental Impact is kept to a minimum. 


Supported by a Resato H.P.U delivering 43,500 psi. of Hydro-Static pressure and optional Accumulator support.

We now have the capability to assist with all types of Nitrogen Testing:


Gas Test Bay-01 : L 6.5m x W 3m x H 3m 

Gas Test Bay-02 : L 14m x W 1.2m x H 1.2m

Recently installed High Definition cameras with video back up to ensure all operations are captured.

Fluid Analysis can be performed inside the test bay, for larger assemblies Uniconn has a controlled area available in the workshop.

Package of assemblies are catered for reducing costs and recent Logistical challenges.

Multi-Medium Pressure Testing (Hydro-Gas) and Fluid Analysis