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Now more than ever Sourcing, Suppling or Selling Original Manufacturer's Equipment has never been so challenging.


Uniconn has recognised this and due to client demand and a successful period in assisting locating all types of equipment  worldwide, Uniconn can now offer this facility to all third parties on a Global Platform.

Abandonment and Decommissioning operations often requires veteran equipment and sub-assemblies which many operators or service companies are unable to source, this is where Uniconn Source Supply Sell can assist.

We understand everyone is operating with limited resources and trying to locate tooling and assemblies has a huge financial impact to any company. Uniconn can now provide a comprehensive and recognised industry resource alternative. 

Source     :     Searching on our Global Network for                                           that specific assembly or assemblies you                                     require.

Supply     :      Locating and confirming transaction between                             clients and third parties.

Sell           :      Downloading your items or inventory to our                                Porthole allowing us to ensure you receive                                  maximum exposure to our Global Client                                    network.

Simply enter the details of the product details where possible, if you only have limited information utilise the description box to enter as much of the details as possible.

If you encounter any issues with submitting information please forward to;

Email  : info@uniconn.co.uk

Tel      :  +44 (0) 1224 724229 






Uniconn (Scotland) Ltd respect all Terms and Conditions. Communications between companies are 

confidential and subject to N.D.A  being present where necessary. Any commissions are to officially agreed and documented prior to any transactions taking place. It is the responsibility of the third party to cover all duties and taxes. Uniconn work within all U.K Governmental Guidelines and Sanctions. For more information please contact, info@uniconn.co.uk

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