Uniconn are proud to represent Hi-Kalibre Equipment in the United Kingdom and Norway as Agents and Approved Service Centre. Our trained staff are happy too assist with all your product requirements.

Hi-Kalibre provides an industry leading range of proprietary blow-out prevention equipment. The company benefits from a portfolio of internally developed patents utilised in many of their products and over three decades of product manufacturing experience. At their core they maintain a strong focus on product design and are known throughput the industry as an agile, best-in-class drilling and work-over provider.

Hi-Kalibre's top drive drill stem safety valves ("DSSV") and hydraulic rotary actuators represent a significant portion of our domestic and  international sales. This is complemented by our range of conventional valves and other ancillary products. Hi-Kalibre has enjoyed strong international growth through a focus on efficient, high quality manufacturing processes and above industry average delivery times.

Product Line Below:

  • Tubing Safety Valves.

  • Drill Stem Safety Valves

  • Top Drive Drill Stem Safety Valves.

  • Inside Blow Out Prevention Valves.

  • Drop-In Retrievable Check Valves.

  • Ball Valves.

  • Check Valves.

  • Rotary Hydraulic Actuators.

  • Next Generation Rotary Hydraulic Actuators.

  • Safety Swivel.


Tel: 00 44 (0) 1224 724229

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